September 25, 2019

Dan Hillegas

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Meet Dan Hillegas

My name is Dan Hillegas and I’m running for County Commissioner. I’ve lived my whole life in Somerset County with my family. I have spent my career building bridges, schools, hospitals and the utility infrastructure in Somerset and Cambria Counties. As a union worker, I have constructed the roads, power grid, pipelines for sewer and water as well as stream restoration for DCNR and the Army Corps of Engineers.

I know this county. I believe in this county, the people who live here and the future we can build here. I believe that we the people who live, work and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Somerset County deserve and can achieve a community where families and individuals thrive. Not just keep up but thrive. Thrive economically. Thrive educationally. Thrive by paying attention to the needs of people who are on the margins and moving them into the mainstream. And most of all thrive by building on the strengths of this community while offering new opportunities and building new strengths.

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