May 16, 2020

Kevin Jones

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Kevin Jones, write-in candidate for PA State Representative in the 51st District, is a 7th generation Southwestern Pennsylvania resident, raised in Brownsville in Fayette County, devoted husband and father, married 25 years, and raised his own family in Uniontown and Fairchance.  Kevin’s work and education have provided him with the abilities to meet people where they are, and, instead of perceived stumbling blocks, creating building blocks.  Kevin’s work experience, and his degrees, have taught him to manage and supervise staff, while maintaining effectiveness and progress.

It is this marriage of public service with a full understanding of corporations and business which will make Kevin able to serve both sets of interests. Kevin also brings to the political arena the common sense that is sometimes missing in the dialogue today.  In the generations of his family, Kevin knows the history of the ups and downs of Southwestern Pennsylvania.   From the losses of his great-grandfather’s, Peter Sickles, store during the depression, to the loss of his father’s job in Vesta 6 mine, Kevin has been paying attention.  He believes that we are on the cusp of a rebirth, a relaunch, and by choosing Kevin Jones as your Representative in the Pennsylvania House, you will have all of his energy and a shared vision, so that the communities in the 51st District have a straight line to the decisions being made at the state level.


Kevin Jones is an alum of Waynesburg College, West Chester University, and California University of PA.  Kevin has worked for Albert Gallatin Area School District as an educator and instructional technology coach, pulling from his experience as an adjunct professor of Waynesburg College, executing various teaching methods, implementing differentiated instruction for students of varying ability levels and identified learning disabilities, served as part of school’s leadership team providing imbedded and ongoing professional development for teachers, staff, and administration, monitored instructional effectiveness and progress, personally specializing in faculty professional development, Train-the-Trainer instruction, and Web 2.0 applications.

In his work for Fayette County Head Start as a Family Service Worker, Kevin recruited, prepared intake and assessment documentation for families, assisted them in navigating community resources, maintained family case histories, taught parents life skills, and provided referrals.

As a corporate trainer, for Teletech, and as head of Training and Quality Assurance where he supervised a staff, and trained employees through the launch of a brand-new customer service center, liaising with businesses like Lucent, GE Infosystems, Bell Atlantic, and Citibank, Kevin worked to provide the human capital needs of a company, fully understanding the hurdles of breaking ground for a new business and employer in the region.

Kevin also brings labor experience as Union President and Chief Negotiator while working for Albert Gallatin School District, negotiating contracts and grievances.

Kevin has a deep love of the area, and its rich history, a history that Pittsburgh likes to advertise as its own, and which we in the Laurel Highland Mountains must reclaim!

Get your Driver's License out, go to the link below and scroll down for detailed instructions on how to vote from home.

Remember to select the “Annual Mail-In Request”, that way you can Vote for me in the Fall, easily.

There is no need to go to a polling place on election day, the mail-in ballot is for all of our convenience and any registered voter may apply for a mail-in ballot. You may simply request this ballot without a reason.


Go to the link below for direct access to the form.


If you would prefer to mail in your application to the election bureau, or the online application was not successful, you can go to the link below and print it out.

Pay attention to your deadlines, May 26th!, but a good rule of thumb would be to do it now.


A BIG thank you to everyone who votes and a truly humble thank you for taking the time to


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